-- About Me

-- About Me --

Digital Art Director and Photographer.

I graduated in Graphic Design about one hundred years ago.

After that I specialized in Graphic Media at Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione, and after a brief internship in a small web agency in Milan, I finally met my Guru. I joined the working team of Quam, which soon became Nurun Italy

There I learned and understood what the Web really is. Thanks to Sylvie Frigerio and her great patience I got a chance to begin to work for real. And I liked it. Time passed and I got interested in traditional graphics. I started to work for Diesis, a press office specializing in communication for production companies. My role scoped from image creation and design to websites building.

Step by step I learned new techniques and discovered the world of print media. And I liked it. Shortly after I gave light to my wonder: my son Michelangelo. I took a break from graphics and web in order to be a full-time mother.

I wasn't able to stay away from work for long though and I started an adventurous career in TribalDDB, under the direction of my Guru, Sylvie Frigerio. The projects was very interesting and important. I started working side by side with brands like Actionaid, Amnesty International, Cesvi, Fai, Oviesse BabyAngel, Campari Negroni, Nestlè, Purina, Siemens, Santa Margherita, Golf. Definitely challenging projects.

I moved from TribalDDB to Publicis Modem, working in the team of of Daniele Busi, who gave me the opportunity to improve my professional skills. Then a turning point: I worked for Buitoni, LG, L'Oreal, Armani, Adidas and Durex.

The experience with these brands granted me the role of Digital Art Director for Young & Rubicam.

Love at first sight brought me to Parma on December 28, 2010.

Here in Parma I became Art Director for Jacleroi and worked for Parmacotto, Barilla, Woods, Fiere di Parma, Delverde, DSSicurity, Cantine San Marzano.

After all this I have decided to devote myself to my work as a freelancer.

In 2012, together with Nicola Gatti, Chiara Lupezza, Simone Spotti and Federica Bocchi, I founded Un_type, the first Co-working experience in Parma.

I am now Art Director for Aicod, an important digital agency in Parma and I am Creative Director for Cantine San Marzano.

-- Portfolio

-- Portfolio --




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